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Administrators, teachers, parents, and students benefit from a range of materials designed to implement, support, and advance TPSP in G/T programs. Resources include implementation tools, instructional strategies, evaluation reports, and promotional materials.

Implementation Tools

TPSP provides multiple implementation resources. Administrative considerations include tips on budget, scheduling, and curriculum design. Guides to Success contain overviews for teachers by grade-level band. Walkthroughs support administrators’ observations of TPSP classes.   

Administrative Considerations

Use this guide to illustrate characteristics of curriculum that have been differentiated for G/T students.

view Administrative Considerations

Guides to Success

Use these guides to get an in-depth overview of each grade band.

view Guides to Success

Walkthroughs for Administrators

Assists administrators in evaluating the effectiveness of G/T instruction.

view Walkthroughs for Administrators

G/T Teacher Toolkit

Provides background, resources, instruction tips for Gifted/Talented (G/T) learners.

view G/T Teacher Toolkit

Instructional Tools

Instructional strategies for teachers include curriculum compacting, tiered assignments, and flexible grouping. TPSP provides students with guidelines for exit-level projects. COLEF charts map standards to the research process to ensure depth and complexity of learning.

COLEF Charts

Guide students through the research process to ensure depth and complexity of learning.

view COLEF Charts

Independent Research Projects: Guide for Students

Guides students through the project process.

view Independent Research Projects: Guide for Students

Instructional Strategies

Learn strategies for G/T students to maximize their educational opportunities.

view Instructional Strategies
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