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High School/Exit Level (9-12)
Course Credit Options

Because of the heavy emphasis on individualized projects, the Texas Performance Standards Project (TPSP) lends itself to many course credit options at the high school/exit level. Students may develop projects as a class assignment or as part of an independent study course. Each district has the flexibility to determine the best avenue to deliver instruction and schedule students so that they have the necessary support to complete their projects.

The most common ways to integrate TPSP include the following:

  1. Advanced courses such as Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), Pre-AP, and Pre-IB
  2. Independent Study and Mentorship or Internship Courses
  3. Regular Chapter 74 Courses
  4. Independent study courses defined in 19 TAC Chapter 74

Independent study courses (DOC) include the following options in the four core areas:

§110.46. Independent Study in English (One-Half to One Credit)
§110.63. Independent Study in Journalism (One-Half to One Credit)
§110.61. Independent Study in Speech (One-Half to One Credit)
§111.52. Independent Study in Mathematics (One-Half to One Credit)
§113.39. Social Studies Research Methods (One-Half Credit)
§113.52. Social Studies Advanced Studies (One-Half to One Credit)
§118.12. Economics Advanced Studies (One-Half Credit)
§121.12. Scientific Research and Design (One Credit)

Some other considerations in determining course credit include the following:

  • Decision makers need to examine the options for awarding course credit stated in existing local policy. Will these options address the possibility that students could produce projects that cover all the TEKS in multiple courses of study at a level of acceptable performance or better? If not, this possibility needs to be considered and addressed at the local level.
  • Students may receive multiple credits for their work on the TPSP if students are demonstrating or surpassing the TEKS for multiple courses.
  • Course grade award criteria should be pre-established and applied consistently. Weighted grades for the purpose of grade point average (GPA) status will also need to be determined.
  • Explicit course descriptions need to be developed that include the expectation of professional level products and/or performances.
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