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High School/Exit Level (9-12)
Distinguished Achievement Program (DAP)

Students who participate in the TPSP may fulfill one of the advanced measures for the Distinguished Achievement Program (DAP). According to 19 TAC §74.13, the DAP recognizes students who demonstrate high levels of performance equivalent to that of college students or work done by professionals in the field. In addition to specific course requirements outlined in Chapter 74, students must achieve four advanced measures, two of which may be original projects, to qualify for the DAP graduation program. To qualify as an advanced measure on the DAP, projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Judged by a panel of professionals in the field of study of the project or developed under the direction of a mentor and presented to an appropriate audience
  • Related to the required curriculum set forth in the TEKS

Though a panel of judges is not required for TPSP projects, all DAP guidelines above must be followed if the student wants to use the TPSP as an advanced measure. Determinations concerning the award of advanced measures for the DAP for TPSP projects are made at the local district level.

You can find out more about the DAP through TEA’s Questions and Answers on the Distinguished Achievement Program document (PDF).